Hello and welcome to my website! This'll mainly just be a place for me to share my art and my writings and such, though I don't make much art anymore. You can call me Goodnight or MEATWARE (caps not needed)!

If anything on this site looks weird, try zooming in or out using the ctrl and + or - keys on your computer! Sorry to say that this site is not optimized for mobile, and is meant to be viewed on FireFox!

I always try to update this site consistently, if you see any unintended bugs or glitches, please tell me!

aromatic // lavender + lemons

This site is rated web 14! There may be swearing, violence, and partial/artistic nudity on this site!

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Other cool sites!
Some resources for you!
Remember not to hotlink images! Sites that have a * have flashing lights on them!
cursor.cc - Cursor editor and codes to put cursors on your site.
web-mine icons - 2000s style icons. *
pixel-soup.tumblr - Cute pixel art you can add to your site.
pixel-harmony - Like the previous tumblr, a bunch of cute pixel art.
Bonnibel's graphics collection
enchantingcastle gifs and pixel art
w3schools - Your guide of how to do basically everything relating to coding.
sketchdaily - A website with a bunch of drawing references. Just put your preferences on what you're looking for and it'll find an image for you.
Koinuko's marriage certificate creator - Marry whatever character you want!
Dokodemo's marriage certificate creator - Another marriage certificate generator!
webneko - Add a kitty to your site that follows your cursor!
pookatoo - Make custom text! Might be *
jansgraphics - Graphics you can add to your site.
blinkies.cafe - Make your own blinkies! *
eeemo.net - Zalgo text generator.
wiby - Search engine that focuses on less main-stream sites.
marginalia - Another search engine like wiby, focuses less on main-stream sites!
lipsum - Lorem Ipsum generator.
tholman cursor effects - Codes for a bunch of cursor effects! Some of them might be *
Dragon links - A bunch of links to a bunch of dragon-focused old websites.
RV's free javascript effects - Some scripts might include *
domino - Something to organize your ideas! Great for getting down your ideas for stories.

Update Log


I have completely overhauled the main landing page... Again. I like how this one looks, though! And sometimes it's good to get a breath of fresh air. Other than that, nothing else about the site has changed (besides more space for dragons, of course. Please look at Pavlova ((the pink and brown one on the left)) as she is my absolute pride and joy). Once again, please tell me if there are any unintended bugs!